I don’t believe there is an ultimate way. Your spiritual guides, are made of the exact same stardust, the same molecules as you. We are all on a quest. I support the development of accessible self-care. Yet, overall the self-help teachers and their methods methods, have a common binding factor. They lack nuance, for marketing reasons mostly (12 rules that...).. Even if the essence is often still intact, it’s presentation is politics. We are wandering beings attracted to polarity, and therefore to simplified versions of the ever complex layers of being human. For those with curiosity, reading in between those lines can easily formulate arguments that defy universal teachings. The question is, are you ready to hear it? This is for me, the opportunity towards a real constructive version of collective consciousness. For most of us, it’s too painful to accept the nuanced version of reality, it simply let’s too many spaces open. We settle for compact answers to soothe our voids. And I understand why. Still, I am trying out new methods, looking into subtleties, surrendering in empty spaces without expectations, without desires. I have no answers, I have thoughts. I am curious to hear yours.